/kwik ’ sädik/


exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical. “a vast and perhaps quixotic project”.

SUMMA is an annual exhibition that celebrates the hard work and dedication McMaster’s Studio Arts students put into their four years in the program. This exhibition is in partnership with the McMaster Museum of Art.

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Our theme “Quixotic” relates to the way in which our class has inspired their practices over the course of our program. This year brought us new perspectives in the way of creating art and tested our innovation. As idealists, we adapted to a process of impracticality that freed us from the unrealistic notion of perfection.

Curatorial Statement

The 2021 SUMMA Exhibition explores the quixotic, all that is deemed idealistic, starry-eyed and impractical. Working and creating under unusual circumstances, quixotism has become a liberating vehicle for these artists to explore and sharpen their craft. This show encapsulates the multiple ways that these bright young artists have adapted, grown and investigated the undeniable cruciality of art and quixotic perspective in tumultuous times.

Curator Biography

Alexis Moline is a curator, writer and researcher who has worked in Vancouver, Toronto and Hamilton. She received her Bachelors in Art History from McMaster University, and her Master of Museum Studies in collaboration with the Sexual Diversity Studies program from the University of Toronto. She is currently the Curator for the Building Cultural Legacies project at the Hamilton Arts Council. Alexis is excited and honoured to work with and learn from emerging McMaster artists for SUMMA 2021.