Amanda Jameson

Artist Statement

In my practice, I focus on the themes of abstracted memories, nostalgia, landscape, nature, visual poetry, ancestry and isolation. In working with collage, I enjoy the tactility of paper and pairing them with found objects to create something new. Playing with the ideas of belongings and collecting, both physically or mentally, I am examining how objects pass hands and how memories become attached to them. There is beauty to everyday objects. I am inspired by ancestry and family relations, working with still life to evoke memories of domesticity. In these paintings, I play with the ideas of time and memory creating tension between the objects using space and background. My art is created from a personal and authentic place in hopes to connect with others.

Artist Biography

Amanda grew up inspired by her rural surroundings. She started drawing, sculpting and painting at a young age. This led her to take art classes before finishing the art foundations program at Dundas Valley School of Art. Amanda’s passion for painting and creating directed her to work with children and youth as an assistant at DVSA. She continues to pursue her art education and is currently working on completing her BFA at McMaster University.