Antonella Mendola

Artist Statement

My practices focus on the possibilities of abstraction, the act of painting itself and the movement of my body when I create. My painting process references 20th century abstract expressionism both conceptually and visually. Quick brush strokes, gestural mark making, and the fast application of paint works to express my personal feelings, emotions and experiences. I work on medium scale canvases and create paintings with a monochromatic colour scheme. I like to explore different textures that are responsive to my movement and emotion. I make my work as a way of expressing how I am feeling instead of suppressing it. I address the internal feelings, positive or negative and find that my practice can be a stress reliever, a form of self-care, as well as a tool for meditation and reflection.

Artist Biography

Antonella Mendola is a Canadian artist of Italian/Portuguese decent. She is a 4th year BFA candidate at McMaster University‚Äôs Studio Arts program. As a child, Antonella learned to draw watching videos from contemporary artists. While at McMaster, she has explored many mediums. However, she has fallen in love with painting and abstraction, which is the basis of her current practice.