Ashley Plante

Artist Statement

What is Feeling? Feelings are within us, are felt, heard, seen and unseen, but the word feeling has a very vague definition. Within my practice I work to develop and find an applicable visual definition of what feeling is.

I would label myself as a psychedelic surrealist with a conceptual focus on mental illness and the feelings associated with said illnesses. Each work consists of personal memories and feelings associated with drugs, major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety, social anxiety and PTSD. 

My works include conceptual connections to mental illnesses, entwined with colourful, psychedelic and surrealist imagery that is meant to convey or present a “feeling” to the audience. I use myself as a figurative stand in for humanity. I do not depict myself in my true form, but a simpler version of the human form that is not compliant to gender. I make my work feel universal by not stressing gender.

Artist Biography

Ashley Marie Plante is a 21-year-old, Hamilton based artist. Born in Maple Ontario, Ashley has struggled with general and social anxiety, major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder since her early teens. She uses her art practice as a tool to understand herself, her conditions and to learn how her experiences and pain can be used to start conversations about mental health.