Cait Gautron

Artist Statement

I have always been fascinated by ideas of bodily autonomy and its limitations, which are enacted through policing by cultural and societal norms and governmental controls. The social climate in Canada is one that idealizes the able-bodied, both physically and mentally, which can often lead to an undervaluing of the differently abled experience. To me there is something powerful to be found in one’s otherness, as is related to queer and disabled theory, lessons to be learned through our pain, struggles and overcoming of adversity. We are more than our reproductive abilities, our mobility, or the sum of our physical parts. I am examining modes of individuation and their physical and psychological manifestations, from an anthropological perspective, eschewing judgement. The universal icon of the body/flesh is used as an entry point to the specific distortions or perception of my creative process. Fragmented, stretched, squashed, or dissected the viewer searches for familiarity in the works, a dichotomy created between the brains desire to anthropomorphize and it’s disgust and fear of the uncanny. I am challenging what is recognizable as human, probing the borders of humanity and invoking criticality in the judgements that are elicited by these outliers.

Artist Biography

Cait Gautron is a cis-gendered female of Irish descent. Raised in a military family, she has lived and travelled extensively across Canada and Europe. The style and theatrics of her works are indebted to her mother’s love of Fine art and her fathers passion for film. Having initially studied theatre, Cait switched her focus to the visual arts in 2016. Having started as a painter her practice has diversified throughout her BFA at McMaster to include sculpture, life casting, prosthetics, silicone and digital work.