Donna Nadeem

Artist Statement

My work takes a critical view on how art and architecture has played a significant role in Persian culture, specifically observing the geometric designs and patterns used. I primarily paint these designs on glass and plexiglass as natural and artificial light can then be used to further dimensionality in the work, extending reflections of the designs to activate the surrounding space and work beyond its borders, representing hope and the possibilities outside of its constructs. I have further explored these patterns by laser cutting into plexiglass, layering, and painting on fabrics and unstructured materials. My academic practice extends from my artistic, examining how this unique exploration of my heritage breaks the norms of how we view and understand our history.

Artist Biography

Donna Nadeem is a Canadian artist based in Toronto, currently completing her BFA in Studio Arts with a double-minor in Art History and English at McMaster University. She is informed by her Iranian heritage and inspired by medieval Persian art, literature and poetry. Geometry plays a major role in her designs, as she focuses on creating patterns that consider proportions and size. Donna’s artistic practice explores her Persian heritage through a modern lens, creating work as remembrance to her culture.