Eryn Penner

Artist Statement

As an artist and art student, I have worked with a variety of different mediums and subjects. Recently I found my passion in the investigation of historical techniques and materials. Historical and modern art has been integrated into my practice through technical study of the human figure. I have a background in Human Anatomy which bled into my art practice when I began this program, studying the poses of a variety of figures, especially those of Greek sculpture. The influences of these sculptures on historical paintings brought me to explore where this art came from and how it has evolved in technique, subject matter and materiality.

The investigation of historical material has led me to research the conceptual story in art historical work. I have delved into the dissection of these works, picking through the history of a painting, what story the artist was telling at the time, what this story means and how it translates into the present day world. My intention is to create surreally simplified sculptural works that completely encompasses a historical work and bring it into a present-day art piece that relates to a contemporary audience through new perspective and understanding.

Artist Biography

Eryn Penner is a female artist from BC. As an art student of many years, she has trained in the study of human anatomy and physiology, drawing, sculpture and art history. She reinterprets historical art works to create a new relationship between high art and everyday life, in the hopes of reaching a diverse audience.