Javan Wellum

Artist Statement

My art practice consists of oil painting on wood board. I primarily source imagery from reflecting on moments, environments, and people in my life. I try to combine these elements into compelling compositions. I am intrigued by the application of ideas into everyday existence via habit and ritual. I strive to make work that adds to life and doesn’t merely comment on it. Frequent themes of my work include; the passage of time, loneliness and spiritual awakening. I try to paint the natural world with reverence for its author. I try to paint cathartic experiences. The sudden emergence of the sublime mingled in the day to day. The experience of flow or profound moments of stillness. I navigate schools of philosophy like stoicism and existentialism and Christian apologetics to support the foundation of my personal ideas and convictions.

Artist Biography

Javan Wellum is of Irish, English and Dutch ancestry. He was born and raised in southern Ontario, the youngest of 4 siblings. He is a Christian and enjoys reading theological and philosophical books. He enjoys working outdoors, film, basketball, and painting houses.