Jet Coghlan

Artist Statement

To begin to explain my work, I believe its necessary to express that I am a neurodivergent, autistic, queer individual. This reflects on the way I approach solutions for my practice. My name is Jet, I am an immigrant from Mexico who has made this place their home for the last 10 years. When I became a citizen, I saw a very different face of the “Canadian multicultural mosaic”. I believe it is imperative to actively learn from indigenous peoples in relation to the land, how to become a positive part of a place that is undergoing the process of decolonization. My artist statement is to create safe spaces. These spaces and pieces are intended to spark conversations that are not often openly discussed. My work can bring up feelings that can be frowned upon to discuss, as there is a sense of guilt, punishment or retaliation when expressing ideas outside the mainstream ideology of capitalism. By bringing dialectical outlooks into my work, I am able to juxtapose reality with a new possibility. I create spaces where we have learned how to live without capitalism. My art attempts to present counter narratives that highlight the possibilities we are working to achieve. The reality of this capitalist world in which we live is that for the system to exist must create a repressed individual that must exchange their free time for money. This is why I make free art.

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Artist Biography

The date of their birth has been lost but it is believed they were born in the 90’s. For at least three years, Jet has been using the moniker #money_monet . All that can be found on them is this written letter;

“My name is Jet, I believe it is necessary to express that I am a neurodivergent individual. One of the purposes of my work is to create safe places, holding room for creating ideas outside the norm. These places and pieces are made with the intention of sparking conversations around things not being openly discussed and to experience feelings that are often difficult to confront. I work with dialectical outlooks and juxtapose reality with new possibilities. My art attempts to present counter-narratives of a future we can hope to achieve.”