Juliana Duimstra

Artist Statement

In my practice I experiment with high-key, vibrantly coloured, sometimes abstract landscapes, ocean scenes and distorted self-portraits on canvas and wood board. I attempt to convey stimulating and spiritual experiences that are better articulated with paint rather than words. I am particularly drawn to the ocean, where I see metaphors and lessons for life.

My work takes on a personal narrative when I include myself in the composition, literally or metaphorically. I utilize distortion, movement, saturation, and exaggeration in my paintings to allude to what is transcendent and divine. My faith in God as a Christian fuels my work, as I seek to articulate my connection to God and bring attention to His dynamic qualities, e.g., gentleness and power, love and justice, simplicity and intricacy.

Artist Biography

Juliana Duimstra is a female artist of Christian faith. She was born in British Columbia but lives currently in Hamilton, Ontario. She is part of a family of four, her mother is an elementary school teacher, her father works for an insurance company doing IT, and her brother is studying mathematics at Ryerson University. She is currently in her fourth year as a McMaster student in the Studio Art program seeking a minor in Psychology.