Julianna Biernacki

Artist Statement

My current work combines painting and hand needle punched rugs to create dynamic diptychs. Conceptually my work revolves around themes of voyeurism, privacy, and individual projection of self-image through their spaces. How we are perceived and how we perceive others make up a lot of our lives and I am interested in deconstructing this through my work that presents ambiguous spaces that are simultaneously familiar and yet impersonal and unknown.

Artist Biography

Julianna Biernacki is an emerging artist from Welland, ON who is a BFA candidate in the McMaster Studio Arts program. As a young child, her interests and passions have been ever-changing, from tennis to dance, writing and sewing. Each interest has helped shape her into the individual she is today. Biernacki has been included in the Hamilton Artist Inc. members SWARM (2019) show, was featured in Candy Floss Magazine (2020,) and received the Young Artist Award for best painting (2017).