Lynda Dong

Artist Statement

My name is Lynda. I am studying in the McMaster University studio art program. I have a keen interest in many materials. My art practice involves combining everyday objects with different materials. For example, works like Baroque. Eggs are considered a symbol of fragility, and diamonds are almost the hardest natural ore. The combination makes the egg hard from the inside. From the initial cheap and fragile to hard and precious. The egg has also been given a new definition here. In the past two years, I have begun to explore plastics’ impact on the natural environment through my artworks, the artwork Party on The Beach is done with 3D printing technology and acrylic painting. This work studies the dilemma faced by hermit crabs due to environmental pollution is the reduction of habitat and the lack of a sufficient number of shells during their growth.

Artist Biography

Lynda Dong was born in a coastal city in southern China. She immigrated to Canada with her family in 2013 and currently lives in Toronto. Lynda graduated from high school in 2017 and is currently a BFA candidate in the Studio Art program at McMaster University. Lynda is eager to explore new things in her life, and this characteristic also can be found in her artworks.