Megan Mercier

Artist Statement

My practice explores the various relationships found within nature and the different ways they can be interpreted. I visualize a new perspective toward natural elements that often are seen as an afterthought. I use printmaking processes, mainly woodcuts, to create two-dimensional work. I enjoy playing with shapes for the piece to be displayed on, and seeing how those shapes affect the meaning and viewing of the artwork. I use digital printing alongside traditional printmaking methods to create a contrast of realist vs abstract textures. My inspiration comes from the imagery I capture, and experience, at my cabin in northern Quebec. Although my work is not site-specific, it is the experiences that I have had with nature that inspires me. My art offers viewers the chance to reflect on the different ways that one can be connected to nature. I accentuate elements such as trees, plants, water and fungi to open up viewers’ eyes to the inner workings of the life that surrounds them. The beauty of nature is in the small elements hidden in plain sight, the secret sites found on a trail you never knew existed. These are the parts of nature that I enjoy exploring, researching and recreating in my own interpretations.

Artist Biography

Megan Mercier is a female 4th year BFA candidate at McMaster University. Born and raised in a small city near Niagara Falls called Welland, she moved to Hamilton to pursue the arts. With her French-Canadian heritage, Megan is fluent in both French and English. Throughout the years at McMaster, she has explored many mediums, but she has developed a newfound love for printmaking, which is the base for most of her work. She also works with digital and collage, foundry/sculptural work and painting. She focuses on woodcuts and etching as she explores the relationship between living things. Using both abstract and realistic elements made from digital and traditional prints, she creates a contrasting image of life with plants, trees, fungi and water.