Taylor Tabry-Dorzek

Artist Statement

My current artistic practice consists mainly of large scale abstract paintings in a variety of bold, monochromatic colours. Throughout my artistic career my practice has grown and changed greatly as I have, shifting from realism to a more distorted approach. I paint predominantly with acrylic paint on hand crafted wooden canvases and am inspired by distortion and the natural form of wood grain. It has taken me a very long time to really figure out why I paint how I do and what drives me. I used to use my art as a way to cope with the multiple brain trumas I have suffered and would draw distorted lines and shapes to help calm my mind and focus my thinking. These patterns have since then developed into more realized pieces and continue to change year to year. I really found something that interested me when I began to paint on wood. The forms matched the shapes that I had been seeing in my mind and I was able to bring them to life by enhancing what was presented to me. The weight of the substrate itself also interested me because it is a heavy and difficult surface to paint on. In the future, I will continue to explore my practice from a conceptual standpoint, while enhancing and disrupting the natural forms I am given with shapes I have created.

Artist Biography

Taylor Tabry-Dorzek is a young artist who is inspired by the distortion and abstraction of natural forms, more specifically wood grain. Since beginning her undergraduate career at McMaster University, she has grown and changed with her practice and continually looks to push herself as an artist. Taylor is currently moving towards bringing her works into a sculptural form, grounding the pieces in a new way. Her goal is to create paintings that do not force a narrative and allow the viewer to interpret her work independently.